Hiking the Larapinta Trail

Hiking the Larapinta Trail

The Larapinta trail runs for 223 kilometres from the old telegraph station just outside of Alice Springs through the MacDonnell ranges to Mount Sonder (1380m) Thi walk at first glance appears to be a desert walk and it is not what most people expect as it runs through the Macdonnell ranges which provide for plenty of climbing, and descending through red rock country and dry river beds all providing excellent views.

This trail can be done in about sixteen days or can be broken down into sections ranging from one or two days through to the full 16 days.

The walk is classified as moderate to hard and if doing the whole walk there are sections where two days water supply must be carried. Food drops can be organized to save carrying food for the whole trip.

There is a registration system in place which, although not compulsory, does let the rangers know of your arrival and departure times.

We hiked the Larapinta Trail in June which gave us mostly pleasant days with one day of rain, but nights were cold down to about -5degrees C Although the Larapinta Trail can be walked in either direction we walked from the Mt Sonder end back to the Telegraph Station which is from West to East ending up just outside of Alice Springs.

We had one food drop which meant carrying up to nine days food which meant my pack starting weight was about 27 kilos. However there are now facilities for 3 food drops which makes for a lighter pack. We were dropped at Glen Helen Station and spent a pleasant night there before starting the walk the next day.

The Trail is suitable for all levels of walkers from those that just want to do day trips up to the seriously fit walkers who want to do the whole trail

Hiking the Larapinta Trail Northern Territory is highly recommended.

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