Top NYC parks that you should not miss while touring

Contrary to popular beliefs about NYC, a vibrant city surrounded by skyscrapers and some massive landmarks, the place actually has a significant amount of greenery. Nearly 14 percent of NYC is covered in greenery. When tourists get tired of the city's chaotic traffic, sightseeing and other activities, they can find relief in many parks. These parks are ideal for travelers of various profiles including children and students.

Listed below are the top parks you should not miss during your NYC tour.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Unlike some city parks in the New York region, which are built to simulate rustic greenery, Brooklyn Bridge Park has its own charm. The river park is full of attractions for visitors from different ages, as is the case. It is one of the newest parks and was inaugurated in 2012. Located beneath the historic Brooklyn Bridge and facing Manhattan, this park offers visitors a beautiful view of the waterfront. Ideal for weekend picnics.

Corona Park Wash

NYC's fourth largest public park, located in Queens County, is also called a moving meadow. It houses the famous USTA Billie Jean King Tennis Center, which hosts the US Open Tennis Tournament. Other notable park attractions are the Queens Museum of Art and the Queens Wildlife Center. There is a skate park as well as a lake for boats.

Hudson River Park

This beautiful 550-acre park stretches from Battery Park to 59th Street, giving visitors plenty of space to stroll or skate while enjoying river views. You may enjoy watching kayaking and youth sports while relaxing on the grass.

Pelham Bay Park

This park, located in the northeast corner of the Bronx, is actually New York's largest public park with an area of ​​2, 772 acres. It is almost three times the size of the famous Central Park and it will take you a long time to explore its various parts. The main attractions of this park are the Pelham Bay Golf Course, Orchard Beach and the Bartow-Pell Villa Museum. In the southeastern part of the park you will find baseball tendons, a picnic area, bike lanes and a play area. You can enjoy the horse climb at Bronx Equestrian Center Park. Nature lovers will find comfort in the Thomas Pell Wildlife Sanctuary, which houses wildlife species, including crustaceans and hawks.

Madison Square Park

Madison Square Park offers NYC visitors a break from the clutter and rush with its large lawns, large dog running area and scenic location. The incredible artwork that occupies the surface of the park will keep you hooked for a long time.

Central Park

Probably the most populated and famous park in NYC, Central Park has been around for millions of years. This is an area where you will never miss opportunities for fun and recreation – including car rides, boating, wildlife exploration and the like. It also features several entertainment programs and events at certain times of the year. Its outdoor ice skating rink is another big attraction for visitors.