Getting to know Long Island

There is an island that extends east of New York. The long island, as it is called, stretches for about 115 miles. West tip is Brooklyn and Queens, which are part of New York. When people talk about Long Island, they mostly think of Nassau and Suffolk counties. As you may have heard, the island is occupied by just over three million people, but the number of people on the island is increasing due to the influx of visitors. The island has several spots that lure tourists. Long Island luxury hotels provide great vacation spots for wealthy visitors. Long Island is probably not the right place to go if you want to be frugal.

The most developed parts of the island are in Nassau and the western parts of Suffolk. The population is also the most dense in these areas. The rest of Suffolk, on the other hand, has that typical rural feel, where wineries, farms and beaches are common. Still, you can find holiday homes and hotels in these quiet places.

Tourist destinations are spread all over the island. Tourism is at its peak during the summer and fall. These are the seasons when one can see the beauty of the island. The winter months show a decrease in the number of visitors who usually find the winter cold too cold. In addition to the bitter winters, the cost of traveling and staying on Long Island keeps many potential tourists away. The Hamptons or Gold Coast could take your money away in minutes. There are towns on the island, although the prices are more affordable. But generally, Long Island does not invite tourists with a large budget.

Many people experience their beautiful beaches, such as those on the North and South Coast. Seaports on the North Shore, Jefferson, Stony Brook and Huntington Village can be seen. Restaurants and shops are spread throughout these cities.

There are many things tourists can do. They can board the Hampton Jitney for a day tour or visit the Wine Country on the North Fork. You can also visit the villages of Huntington or Big Neck and check out the little shops there. Those who want to see the magnificent bay views should head to Port Washington.

Long Island is also known for its beautiful museums. One of the popular museums is the Atlantis Marine World Aquarium, where the beauty of the marine ecosystem can be appreciated. Many tourists also visit the former summer home of President Theodore Roosevelt – Sagamore Hill, now managed by the National Park Service. Other museums include the Gregory Hicksville Museum, Air Cradle, Garvies Point Museum and Reserve, Sands Point Reserve, Wantagh Museum, Roslyn Village and Mang Sagtikos.

Accommodation at the Long Island Hotel is never a problem. There are many hotels and motels you can stay at. There are everywhere and you can search them online and make online reservations.

Keep in mind that Long Island is a huge place. Once you are there, it doesn't really look or feel like an island to you because you have conquered water if you don't come close to shore.