Enjoying Bangkok – the big city of angels

It's easy to enjoy a luxury vacation in Bangkok because the city is almost designed for tourists. Asians are Krungthep Mahanakhon (Big City of Angels): they don't like the name & Bang; Bangkok & # 39; so try to treat the locals when you visit them. The official name of this city contains 21 words and 167 characters and was named by the Guinness Book of Records as the world's longest name. It won't happen again here!

Holidays in Bangkok are an experience of the traditions of the East along with the best of Western culture, and this great city has much to offer those interested in the oriental history and lifestyle of people in this part of the world. It offers some of the best hotels in the East, and Bangkok Oriental is one of the best hotels in the world. Staying here is well worth the vacation itself, but you get a lot more than just a visit to this big city. You can enjoy your vacation by keeping civilization with your famous – if you like.

It is a shame that this beautiful city has the infamous reputation it has acquired, but the authorities are taking steps to stop it all, and vacations in Krung Thep can now be enjoyed by everyone, including young families. Food, history, architecture, sports and entertainment can be offered to everyone of all ages. Transportation systems are great, with trains, buses, and other local transportation, though because of the river and the delta, many people travel by boat.

The Chao Phraya River is the lifeblood of this part of Thailand, and cruising on it is the most enjoyable way to see the city on your holiday in Bangkok, and because of that, its associated waterways and canals are called Venice of the East. The canals and rivers are known as klong and maenam and are an important means of transportation for many people in this part of the country. Right by the river you find most of the traces left over from the early Ratkokosins war in Thailand.

The town itself is low, only about 6 – 7 feet above sea level, and monsoons can create many problems with flooding. The whole area lies on a series of delta plains and at one point, each area of ‚Äč‚Äčland separated by these waterways was a separate quarter of the city, though that system has now been replaced.

You can use these waterways to enjoy the city and surrounding neighborhoods, and you can ride anything from a speedboat to a converted rice boat to enjoy a luxury city cruise. Why not end it with a wonderful relaxing meal on board or even a Thai dance and party on your boat? You could even visit the water market, where all the goods are sold off the boats and you need a boat to visit. You will find real Thai delicacies here, though you may be better off not studying some of them too closely!

When you visit this city, you are advised to do so with professional guides and escorts who are familiar with the city and its history, because otherwise it is easy to get trapped in the popular blow culture that many visit the city to enjoy rather than experience the true history and taste of of this great Oriental city. It contains many unique Buddhist temples or Wats that are well worth a visit but easy to miss without a guide. Trimitr Wat (Temple of the Golden Buddha) and Wat Po (Temple of the leaning Buddha) are two more famous that you must visit.

Thai food is world renowned and although spicy it has something with all flavors. Krung Thep has a wonderful selection of restaurants, and if you can't get used to traditional Thai food, there is a wonderful selection of restaurants of all kinds. Finally, why not enjoy a traditional Thai dance after the meal.

Maybe you will be so impressed by the Thai style of cooking that you want to take it home? So why not learn it yourself? Enjoying a holiday in Bangkok can also mean learning to cook Thai food. Visit your local market and choose your ingredient – don't worry, your guide will correct you. Then cook it in Thai style and eat it yourself. What better way to enjoy Thai food than to choose the ingredients, cook it and then eat it!

Wouldn't that be a great skill to get home with you? How about a great dinner in Beverley Hills or Brooklyn? You would be talking about a neighborhood with your newfound Thai cooking skills. It's always good to go on vacation and come home with something that will be useful to you, and more beneficial than a Thai dinner in a room decorated with all those wonderful Thai souvenirs and decorations you bought at Krung Thep – as you can enjoy what do you call it. That would be a great topic to talk about.