Mafia – Carlo Gambino

He was a quiet man who dressed unnoticed and was known to never lose his rest. But no doubt Carlo Gambino, with his huge hawk nose and enigmatic smile, was one of the most powerful mob bosses of all time. Gambino was born in Palermo, Sicily on August 24, 1902. The Palermo area, called Caccamo, […]

American Criminals: Murder Included

After the Castellammarese War ended in 1931, with both opposing bosses, Joe "The Boss" Masseria and Salvatore Maranzano ended up pretty dead because of the betrayal of Lucky Luciano, and among other things Luciano, along with Jewish Mafia Master Meyer Lansky, founded the Nine – Member of the National Commission for crime, which cut across […]

Scandal with big rocking table

Nothing encourages the general public more than trying to charge something that used to be free. Yet that's exactly what entrepreneur Oscar F. Spate tried to do in New York Parks in the glittering summer of 1901. It all began in Central Park on June 22, 1901, when a group of people spotted rows of […]

Mafia, gangs – Vito Genovese

The racket driver and future governor of New York, Thomas E. Dewey, called him "the king of rackets." And there is no doubt that Vito Genovese was one of the ugliest, most lovable and treacherous bosses in Mafia history. Genovese was born on November 27, 1897 in the small town of Risigliano located in the […]

Harry's murder

He was a mafia insider whose ex-friend Louie "Lepke" Buchalter "decided he knew too much to live in. As a result, Harry" Big Greenie "Greenberg fell victim to the first mafia attack ever in sunny California. Harry Greenberg, who also went by the names Harry Schacter and Harry Schober, grew up in lower eastern Manhattan […]