About Bed & Breakfasts

A bed and breakfast is usually recognized as a private home where a guest room is provided. In some cases, the guest bathroom provided is shared with the family or other visitor – however, many guests now expect (or require) a private bathroom (usually in their own suite or "in their room"). Breakfast in the morning is generally provided along with the bedroom rate.

Bed and breakfast in a private house is sometimes called home accommodation.

Like remodeled single accommodations, some establishments are considered inns with breakfast. Similar "room and breakfast" concepts apply. The key difference is usually that the inn has more rooms available than the usual one to four found in a private home. Inns usually have breakfast at breakfast, as well as other offers that are not always provided in a private home.

These few terms are used in business to distinguish the difference between staying in an individual home and an inn. But keep in mind that no 2 houses or inns are the same. They differ even in the same geographical location. Such differences are part of what attracts travelers to rest in a boarding house or boarding house and are usually a great element of their popularity. Each individual has their own individual personality.

Usually B&B is not a reason for a guest to visit the place, although in some situations the servers did such a masterful promotional work that changed. Consumers read articles and reviews in various publications, and in some cases are actually attracted to BiH and plan to visit this place just to stay at this B&B.

Vacationers are often attracted to recreational, cultural or historical sites or work that they might have in a particular place. Business travelers often try to get breakfast accommodation as a replacement for the usual lodging, motel or hotel accommodation offered in a particular area. Bed and breakfasts provide the traveler with a different accommodation experience, except for what many consider a safer environment.