Art of neon lights – illuminating marketing concept

A new and electrifying promotional phenomenon arrived in the early 1920s that took traditional marketing methods to another level. 1923 Georges Claude and his French company Claude Neon, introduced the United States to neon gas signs. That same year, the first neon sign was erected in the city of Los Angeles, California. A Packard car […]

Long Island Aviation Foundation

Sparsely populated, as evidenced by the once thinly scattered rural estate, Long Island, still in its innate condition, was covered with forests, but one, the central clearing, the largest east of the Mississippi River, stood like an oasis in the desert, and served as a hatchery for air life. They called it "the Hempstead Plains." […]

The five most common causes of car accidents

Cars can offer the freedom and ability to move from point A to point B without much work and for a minimal amount of time, but can also be devastating when used in inexperienced or damaged hands or in conditions unsuitable for safe driving. Although you may be the perfect driver, other drivers are more […]

Stucco installation – Dos and Don Stupsco installation

If you are looking for an effective means of increasing strength, why not consider installing a stucco? The Stucco deposition process must be performed effectively in order to obtain the real benefits that Stucco can provide. This is because there are many factors that need to be noticed and implemented in the Stucco application process. […]

Lipstick "Lilo" Galante – cigar

He was just as vicious as the mob boss of Vito Genovese, ambitious as Vito Genovese, and as deeply involved in the heroin business as Vito Genovese. However, Carmine "Cigar" Galante would not die of natural causes as Vito Genovese did (though in prison). Instead, Galante was killed in one of the most memorable mob […]

Al Capone – A Chicago legend

Alphonse Capone was born in Brooklyn in 1899 and completed his education through sixth grade. He then joined a street gang led by Johnny Torrio, of which Lucky Luciano was a member. As a teenager, he worked as a bouncer in a Brooklyn brothel and parlor, where an angry customer slammed him in the face, […]

Sealy turns sixty with style

Sealy is the largest manufacturer of quality mattresses in the United States. They aim to produce the best product at an affordable price. A company that has existed for 62 years, they have everything under their wings, from traditional recessed mattresses to expensive latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses. Almost every year, they present a […]

Long Island Rail Sights: Riverhead and Greenport

Long Island Railroad Museum in Riverhead: Although Riverhead may be considered the virtual end of Long Island, it was only the beginning of the originally conceived intermodal rail-to-sea connection to the North Fork towards an eventual cruise ferry. Taking the name of the earliest settlement "river head" or "river head", the extremely designated one-man river […]

About Bed & Breakfasts

A bed and breakfast is usually recognized as a private home where a guest room is provided. In some cases, the guest bathroom provided is shared with the family or other visitor – however, many guests now expect (or require) a private bathroom (usually in their own suite or "in their room"). Breakfast in the […]